Clifton Rocks

Clifton Rocks will make your wedding rings to your own specific design – they’ll also make anything else you want. The enterprise is run by our WONDERFUL niece, Clare Chandler from her cool shop in Clifton, Bristol (makes a great excuse to visit Clifton!!). We LOVE Clare’s jewellery and always ask her to make anything we need.

Call the shop at 01179 731342 or e-mail them at, or visit the website at and see her stuff for yourself.

Clare offers 10% discount for Kemp & Kemp customers who have booked their wedding catering.

Distance is no object.. we always order everything by phone/e-mail and she always gets things spot on. A few years ago, she converted the back of my Grandad’s gold retirement watch (which was broken and gathering dust) into a great pair of cuff-links, a great way to keep valued family items in use.

clifton rocks