Bordeaux Undiscovered

Its rare that we here at Kemp & Kemp Catering encounter people with as much passion for wine as we have for food, so we were delighted to discover ‘Bordeaux Undiscovered’ and the energetic Nick Stephens who runs the company. Nick exclusively deals with small artisan wine producers (mainly in France) and loves wine as much as we do.

9dj_nick_stephens small sizeNick (seen here in his cellar) has agreed to offer Kemp & Kemp customers (after they’ve booked their wedding catering) his trade prices on all their wedding wine (and fizz) and has great wines and even better prices. They also deliver nationwide, have free glass hire (with an optional washing up charge), and sale or return. And as Nick is a bit of a foodie too, he can advise on the wines that go best with your Kemp & Kemp menu.

Nick can even personalise your Champagne labels for an extra £1 a bottle.

There is a nice wedding page on their website with useful advice on quantities etc.. go to or call Nick on 01452 840116.